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Trying it out DropDMG and finding it bug ridden

I was hopeful for this and all ready to purchase. I can’t even get it to work properly.

The main window doesn’t seem read new configurations. It shows a previous configuration that doesn’t exist anymore. I am adding new configurations, deleting them all, trying everything and the main window doesn’t pick them up. Uninstalled the whole app and reinstalled and still the same behaviour. Basically it’s broken.

I have used DropDMG for a while and found it very reliable. (I’m still on Catalina.) This Forum pretty quiet highlighting limited issues that user have… Try support I think you will will find it helpful.

We’ve not received any bug reports about configurations in a long time, and I’m having trouble understanding what you are reporting. What does “read new configurations” refer to? Are you trying to add or edit files from outside of DropDMG? Could you list a series of steps that you took, describe what happened, and explain what you expected to happen instead?