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Trying to use your SaneBox.scpt and having an issue

with putting the mailbox names in the script = First, the @SaneLater and @SaneNews words really aren’t used in Mail == they are _SaneLater and _SaneNews, so I don’t know whether I should put the mailbox names for the SaneBox mailboxes as you have them or as they show up in the mailbox list – second is that I put in the correct names of the email account and keep getting a message "Syntax Error - Expected “,” or “}” but found identifier. But, that was what I was supposed to put there I thought =- the account identifier

-- return {{"Personal", {"@SaneLater", "Other"}}, {"Work", {"@SaneLater"}}}
return {{"herringl", {"@SaneLater", "@SaneNews}}}, {"Jour", {"@SaneLater", "@SaneNews"}}}

Not sure what I’m doing wrong…thanks.

I think you want the mailbox names to match what you see in Mail. It looks like you were missing a quotation mark and had an extra close brace. Try this:

return {{"herringl", {"@SaneLater", "@SaneNews"}}, {"Jour", {"@SaneLater", "@SaneNews"}}}

Thanks much for the usual excellent assistance == I think it worked…

I keep having the same issue, using an iCloud account (“iCloud”) and an exchange account (“BHI”). For the life of me, I can’t see the error…perhaps someone can spot it!

return {{“iCloud”, {”@SaneLater", “@SaneNews”, “@SaneBulk”}}, {“BHI”, {“+SaneLater”, “+SaneNews”, “+SaneBulk”}}}

The error I get is “Expected “,” or “}” but found unknown token.”

Thank you :expressionless:

The problem seems to be that you were using some smart quotes. AppleScript requires straight quotes like this:

return {{"iCloud", {"@SaneLater", "@SaneNews", "@SaneBulk"}}, {"BHI", {"+SaneLater", "+SaneNews", "+SaneBulk"}}}