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Two issues - Gmail and Extreme Slowness

Hello ~ I use AppleMail and SpamSieve, have been for several years now. Several months ago I added my Gmail account to AppleMail as I decided I wanted to see it in my inbox. For some reason, every time I want to get Gmail email, I have to log in through Safari. That got old very quickly and I just disabled the account. I went to many sites to find ways to fix this, tried every thing I could find or think of, same issue.

A couple weeks ago AppleMail slowed to a crawl when booting. It would take maybe 5 minutes to load the app and display email. I wondered about this, and decided to turn off SpamSieve. Wow, AppleMail now boots instantly! And for an added bonus, Gmail works now without needed to log in through Safari, AT ALL.

I don’t believe the two issues are related to the same problem in SpamSieve, but they are both directly related to SpamSieve. I use the latest Mac OS (10.15.4) and keep all software updated religiously.

Any ideas to these two issues? How can I fix them as I don’t care much for Apple’s own spam filtering.

Thanks, Chaz

The slow Apple Mail launching is due to a bug in Mail in macOS 10.14 and 10.15. It affects all Mail plug-ins. You can work around it by disabling the SpamSieve plug-in, relaunching Mail, and then enabling the plug-in again.

I’ve not heard any other reports of the Gmail issue. It seems unlikely to be related to SpamSieve since SpamSieve doesn’t do anything with networking or accounts in Mail. Does the problem come back if you re-enable the SpamSieve plug-in?

Michael ~

Thanks for the reply. I did re-instate SpamSieve, and so far the issue of slowness has gone. Also, SpamSieve DID appear to have impact on my Gmail account. When I removed SpamSieve my Gmail account worked without requiring me to log in via Safari. However, and the good news is, now that I have re-instated SpamSieve, Gmail has continued to work without requiring separate log-in each time. Keep your fingers crossed for me.

Also, many of the links from SpamSieve to support web pages, and instructional web pages on how to set it up end up in a c-command.com ‘404’ error, page not found. You may wish to update your links, or re-create the pages it is trying to link to.

Thanks, Chaz

I’m glad to hear that Gmail works again after re-enabling SpamSieve. I haven’t seen any 404s, either when browsing or in the server logs. Could you share some examples of pages with broken links?