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Two lost files in EagleFiler


I lost two files from one of my EagleFiler databases. They vanished mysteriously, and when I started EF today, I was alerted to the fact.

In both cases, the files were realaudio (.ram) files – I don’t know whether that has anything to do with it. The problem is obviously that I had already deleted them from the other folder where I had kept them. So I had to restore them from a recent backup.

The reason I am writing is to inquire whether EF does not store .ram files. The manual is unspecific – according to it (p. 10) “sounds and music” can be imported, so that I assume should cover .ram files.

Any ideas? It is obviously crucial for files not to get lost (although it is good that EF does the checking and alerted me to the fact quickly), but I would like to get to the bottom of this.

Thanks for any input, and best wishes


EagleFiler can store any type of file. However, since QuickTime does not know how to play .ram files, EagleFiler will not be able to play them. It will simply store them in the library. If a file has disappeared, it is either because you have deleted it (using EagleFiler or the Finder), another program has deleted it, or your disk is damaged.