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Two macs: 1 Mavericks, 1 Mountain Lion, Mavericks mac is acting flaky


Was running SpamSieve on my work desktop and laptop (both running Mountain Lion) with no problems. Upgraded my laptop to Mavericks. Desktop mac still works well and has no issues. Laptop will move ALL messages into the Spam folder when opening mail, especially after a few days of not using it. When I have the mail program open, it appears to be doing an ok job of moving spam, but I haven’t been monitoring it for that long.

Any ideas? Junk mail filtering is OFF on my laptop. I did read the Mavericks FAQ and run through the checklist of changing those settings (2 rules, etc).

Thanks for the help.


Are you using one of the recommended multi-Mac setups listed here? If so, which one?

First I would suggest checking the log. Does it say “Predicted: Spam” or “Predicted: Good” for those messages?

Do you have any other (non-SpamSieve) rules that move messages to the Spam mailbox?