Two mailboxes and two junk folders, V3?

Currently with V2, running on one Max Mini, I collect and sieve mail for both my wife’s and my email account. This is using Apple mail.

My wife’s spam goes to her spam folder, my spam goes to my spam folder. Both are completely separate imap accounts.

Reading documentation on V3, confused if I will still be able to do this?

Any help appreciated.

You can still do this. There are two different ways (same as before):

  1. With the standard setup, SpamSieve will move the spam messages for each account to the Junk mailbox for that account.

  2. You can also run two separate copies of SpamSieve (e.g. via Fast User Switching). That could be useful if you want to have separate training data for you and your wife.

Thank you.

Sorry been a while. Have it all working on V2 just need to upgrade now.

Thanks all