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Two or more Macintoshes

I have two laptops: a G3 Lombard Powerbook and a Macbook Pro. I took a calculated gamble and purchased SpamSieve on the strength of the reviews I read about it. I installed it on the Macbook Pro and the results so far are mighty impressive. However, I use my Macbook Pro as a backup and for when I need some real power, e.g. when using Photoshop CS. My main workhorse is my G3 which I use for everything else, including my emails. I have a .MAC account which I use to synchronize the two computers.

My inquiry is simple: must I purchase a second copy of SpamSieve for my G3 or can I download a second copy and use the same registration details as on my Macbook Pro? I assume I must make a new purchase?



Hi Phil,

Licenses are per-user, so you’re welcome to use SpamSieve on as many of your Macs as you want. Just enter your name and serial number on the Lombard, or copy over the preferences file.

Thank you
Hi Michael

I had not anticipated the nature of your reply but I’m grateful I don’t have to purchase a second copy of SpamSieve. I’ll install a second copy on my Lombard immediately because it is clearly superior to the junk-handling algorythms used by Apple Mail.

Is there any limit to the size of the corpus or is it practically limitless, i.e. you can continue training SpamSieve to reject Spam for as long as necessary?



In terms of technical limits, it’s virtually limitless (limited only by RAM and disk). For the best accuracy results, I recommend using 1,000 or fewer messages in the initial training and thereafter only training it with messages that it put in the wrong folder. After a long time, if spam has evolved a lot, it may be better to reset the corpus and start over rather than continue to train the old corpus.