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Two questions about importing mail from Apple Mail

I use IMAP and am trying the drag-and-drop technique for moving folders into an Eaglefiler library. It’s not working … I move the folder onto he “Record” icon and nothing happens.

Also, I read in the manual that it’s advisable to activate the preference to make all attachments readable offline before importing into Eaglefiler. Where is this preference located?

Apple Mail no longer supports drag and drop of mailboxes, however you can drag and drop from the Finder or select some messages and use the capture key.

It’s a per-account preference at Mail > Preferences > Accounts > Advanced > Keep copies of messages for offline viewing.

I’m working on a new iMac, which has 10.7. Apparently now the Library is hidden and not available via the Finder. I found how to access it by Googling around, but it still does not maintain the structure of my Mail folders. There’s an “Inbox.mbox,” a Deleted messages.mbox, a Drafts.mbox … but not the 20 or so mailboxes that I had created in Mail, by subject.

I suppose I’ll just archive without structure.

I don’t think the structure has changed. Depending on your mail account, your other mailboxes mail be inside the Inbox.mbox folder.

You’re right: I just had to look harder. Not under Inbox.mbox, but Mail > V2 > IMAP-myaddress@imap.gmail.com.