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Two questions


Everything with SpamSieve is going great. Two questions though:

  • Is it possible to remove the SpamSieve icon from the dock? It would be nice to have it hidden and launchable from a Mail menu item or some such.

  • Does SpamSieve only work with a binary response (good vs spam) or can it be used to autofilter multiple categories? Popfile is a neat idea, but seems painful to install and administer, especially with IMAP accounts.

Thanks for all your work on this app!

  • escargot

Please see this page for how to hide SpamSieve’s Dock icon. When it’s hidden, there will be an extra command in Mail’s Message menu for accessing SpamSieve’s windows.

SpamSieve classifies good vs. spam using a scale from 0 to 100. It does not support more than two categories.