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Two small but annoying things..

I just started to use SpamSieve, have some more training to do, but seems very good so far.

However, it’s two things I find a bit annoying, and I hope there is a solution.

On my Mac I only get the “new mail beep” if it’s a “good” mail, that seems to work perfect.
But on my iPhone and iPad I get the “mail beep” regardless, both on “good” and “bad” emails.
Is there a way to make the iPhone and iPad to stop “beeping” wham I get “bad” mail?

When I get a new spam mail and it goes direct to the “Spam” mailbox a number behind the “Spam” mailbox shows.
Is it possible to stop the number from showing?


The issue here is that the iOS Mail app may see new messages in the inbox before the Mac has filtered them out as spam. The only way to totally prevent notifications for spam messages is to turn off notifications entirely. However, you could reduce the beeps somewhat by turning off “push” and setting iOS to check for new mail less frequently.

The number is showing how many unread messages you have. If you don’t want to see a number, you can set the SpamSieve rule to mark the incoming spam messages as read.