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Two Spam Filters at Set Up (Mac Mail)


I’m new to this product but already am feeling hopeful that I will begin to dig out.

I have hosted email (through MediaTemple where my website is hosted) and had a ‘Spam’ filter where all the spam (and some good emails) have been sent. It appears to be the server side spam folder (I think???).

On set up of SpamSieve, I was asked to create a new ‘Spam’ folder in the “On My Mac” section/account of my Mac Mail.

On my inbox, when I “Train as Spam” the spam goes to the new SpamSieve “Spam” folder “On My Mac”. That looks to be working correctly.

I still have all the server side spam coming into the other Spam folder. When I “Train as Spam” those messages in the other Spam folder, they appear to get processed, but they don’t move anywhere.

So I have a couple questions:

  1. Is there something I should do with that extra (server side I think) spam folder so I only have to manage the spam from one spot?

  2. What happens to the spam that sits in the new SpamSieve spam folder? Does it eventually get deleted? Should I leave it there forever? Should I delete it regularly?


Yes, that’s what it sounds like.

Aside from the initial training, it’s not necessary to train spam messages already caught by another filter. It’s normal for SpamSieve not to move trained messages that are already in a spam mailbox.

You don’t have to do anything, but if you want you could turn off the server filter or consolidate the folders.

Nothing happens to it automatically. You can delete it if you want.

Mac Mail: Two Spam Folders (Server Side & On my mac)

I’m sorry if I’ve posted this twice, the first time didn’t seem to take. I am hopeful with SpamSieve to finally start to dig out.

Here is my dilemma. I have hosted email (through Media Temple - my website host) and have always had a spam folder in my email (what looks like a server side spam folder). Most all my spam (and some good emails) have gone into that folder. Nothing ever goes to my Junk folder.

Now that I set up SpamSieve and created the new “Spam” folder “On My Mac”, when I “Train as Spam” from my Inbox, everything appears to process correctly and be sent to the new SpamSieve. Yeah.

However, I continue to get spam in my Media Temple Spam folder. When I “Train as Spam”, it appears to process, but just sits there in the Media Temple Spam folder.


  1. Should I delete this Media Temple Spam folder on my computer or do something at the host to remove this? It seems it would be easier to not have to manage the spam in two places. Plus - SpamSieve isn’t really doing anything with these messages until I go manually touch them.

  2. And - what happens to the spam in the SpamSieve folder? Can I delete the messages after time or do they need to stay in there forever?

Thanks for your help in advance. I’ve included a screen shot showing the SpamSieve Spam folder above, and the MT Echo Spam Folder (from Media Temple)