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Typeface of formatted links

Again with the small problems! When I “Copy Record Link” and paste the link into another document, a clickable link is created, but it is always formatted in 12-point Helvetica. Now nowhere in the EF Preferences is Helvetica 12 set as the default font for anything; so when I do paste a link, I need to change the typeface and size to make it match the rest of the document. It would be helpful if either (1) such links were formatted with the default rich-text font or (2) if the formatting of such links could be set as a preference.



12-point Helvetica is the default rich text font in Cocoa. EagleFiler is deliberately not specifying a font when you copy a record link, but I guess somehow the Helvetica default is still taking effect. I’ll see what I can do, and thanks for the report.

In EagleFiler 1.2.4, the font will now match that of the neighboring text when you paste.