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Typographer's Quotes

Am I right in thinking that EF can’t produce smart/curly/typographer’s quotes ?

It’s clear that it can display them, once created in a document by another app, but I don’t succeed in getting EF to produce them.

As I write I seem to answer my own question: There would have to be a preference setting to enable this, no?

As with other Mac OS X applications, you can type smart quotes using the appropriate key sequences. For example, on a US keyboard they are:

“ Option-
” Option-Shift-

‘ Option-]
’ Option-Shift-]

You can also Control-click in a text view and choose Substitutions > Smart Quotes to enable automatic insertion of smart/curly quotes when you type dumb/straight ones. EagleFiler currently does not remember this setting between launches, however.

Ah, yes. I really should learn what those system-wide shortcuts are.

Starting with EagleFiler 1.5, it does. The Substitutions commands are also available in the Edit menu, now.