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UDF CD Copies and Mounts as UDFReader

When I attempt to make a DMG copy of a CD which much is in UDF format but Mounts properly and is easily accessed from my MAC (OS X 10.9.1) instead of making an image copy of the disk it creates an image with the following files: Autorun.inf udfrinst.exe. The disk is named UDFReader. These are not files that appear on the mounted CD. In fact the copy never gets that far.
Please advise.


Which format did you choose in DropDMG? Does DropDMG’s log entry for this operation say “Create” or “Device Image”?

I set DropDMG to .dmg - smaller file, faster. Save to a folder on an external drive. The log entry shows Device Image. It completes the copy very quickly and in less time than one would expect to copy a 599mb CD.

Sounds good. I would expect that to work. Do you have the same problem if you create the disk image via Disk Utility using File > New > New Image from <your CD>?

Same result. One other factor. The CD is a RW CD. I bet that’s the issue.


Thanks for the follow-up. Whether it’s a CD-R or CD-RW shouldn’t matter. But there seems to be something about the way this particular CD is partitioned that is confusing Mac OS X’s disk imaging subsystem, which both DropDMG and Disk Utility rely upon.

You may be able to work around the problem by using the CreateDeviceImages esoteric preference to tell DropDMG not to create a device image. That way, instead of trying to clone the partitions, DropDMG will just copy the files that you see in the Finder.