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Unable to import from Mail

Hi Michael,
Sorry for this note - silly as it can be but using back Eaglefiler, and trying to import emails from the inbox by F1, I get a pop up (in front of EF) stating that there is a Error in the script of the capture (or sort of - broken translation from French): “Mail may be downloading from the server or moving messages between mailboxes. Please wait until it’s done or take it offline”:
would you be so kind as to help?
Many thanks! Best, Fred

To ensure the integrity of your data, EagleFiler will not read Mail’s files while it’s updating them. Please open the Activity window in Mail and wait until it’s empty before pressing the capture key.

Thanks for your help!
Short additional questions:
1 - why is it so that, when dragging an email, you get it without the mailbox (convenient, less EF space used in the record list, etc) but cannot keep the Mailtags tags? With the capture key, you get the tags but the mailboxes as well, which is to me a real issue as I keep my email in the Inbox, all boxes in EF are then called ‘Inbox’ and I lose the titles of my emails - and the tags.
2 - can I have the drop pad (convenient to drop down elements to be gathered in a defined library) around without the browser window (useful when working on the library, but not as convenient staying in the background)?

When you drag and drop a message, Mail generates a fresh .eml file and gives it to EagleFiler. Mail knows nothing of tags, so it does not include them, nor does it include the unread/flagged/replied/etc. tags, as those are not supported by the .eml format. You also lose the information about what mailbox the message was in, although it sounds like this isn’t an issue for you.

When you press the capture key (recommended), EagleFiler reads Mail’s data store itself and is able to extract the tags as well as Mail’s own message flags. All the metadata is preserved, and the messages are stored more efficiently in mailboxes. The titles are still visible and searchable when you look inside the mailboxes or if you tell EagleFiler to show messages in the records list.

Yes, although in order to complete the drop EagleFiler will ask you to open a library.

Thanks Michael!