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Unable to import

I just downloaded Eaglefiler and I’m using it for the first time (version 1.2.7). I’m on a macbook running Tiger 10.4.11. I’ve had the same bug prevent me from importing files twice in a row (different files in each case. This second time, I created a new EagleFiler file, and started dragging and dropping files form different directories (nothing special, mostly rtf files with lots of duplicates). It was working fine, but then on the last drag and drop, it went through most of the files, and progress just stopped. It’s been at 3016 out of 3074 files for the last fifteen minutes. Everything’s running, the animation on the progress bar is going, it’s just nothing is being copied, it’s stalled.

This is disappointing, as I’ve heard only good things about Eaglefiler, so I’m startled a bug prevents me from even beginning to use the program. I hope there’s some simple solution. Thank you.

I don’t have enough information to know what’s going wrong in this case, however I’ve already fixed a bunch of importing bugs for the next version of EagleFiler. I’ll send you a pre-release build which will hopefully correct the problem. Otherwise, please e-mail me the log file:


so that I can take a closer look.

EagleFiler 1.3 is now available; it fixes a bug that could cause EagleFiler to get stuck during an import.