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Unable To Remove Duplicate Messages with Latest EF

Good day.

I’m using EF 1.7.2 on OSX 10.12.1. Recently I discovered I have been unable to remove Duplicate Messages in my mbox files.
Specifically, when I run the Remove Duplicate Messages Script, the script reports there are no duplicate messages. However,
I’m confident there are duplicate emails. There are several.

A recent mbox import, imported duplicate emails even with the option to not import duplicates, selected.

I created a new test library, importing the single mbox folder. However, running the script on this folder, does NOT see duplicates either.

Any suggestions Michael?


The script is working for me with those versions. Could you send me your small test library?

Which option are you referring to?

Thanks Michael for your support once again. Exceptional support!

There is NO issue with the actual software. This is end user error!