Unable to train as good a particular email address that was 'good' before

Running MacOS 13.3 with SpamSieve 2.9.52 on M2 Max.

I have a rule for the address ahead of the SpamSieve rule to “Stop evaluating Rules” but it still ends up in Spam folder.

Have tried to train the address as good, many times. It does move it to the Inbox but next email from that address is back as Spam.

Looking for suggestions to try. What can I check/clean out?

Not sure when it started but not just with latest version.

These both point to SpamSieve not being the reason that the messages are going to Spam. (Also, normally, messages caught by SpamSieve would go to Junk, not Spam, anyway.) Most likely, the messages are being moved by a junk filter on your mail server. There’s more information about how to troubleshoot this here.

Thank you for the pointers. I’ll do more digging.

Sorry for calling folder Spam in original message, I should have called it Junk as that’s where it ends up.