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Uncontrolled recycling of old emails

We’ve used Spam Sieve for nearly a decade and appreciate it. Today our installation seemingly went berserk, apparently bring forward emails from years ago and recycling them as thought they were current. The log shows hundreds of email running through at about one per second. There was no actual result of the action (other than Apple Mail’s bell telling us of arrivals). We believe that the lack of apparent action was because each email had been previously decided and either read or sent to spam and marked as read.

We’re using the current version of SS, Mac OS 12.5.1, current Apple Mail, on a MacBook PRO.

Suggestions most welcome!

– Bob

SpamSieve itself doesn’t go through old messages. However, when you edit a rule in Mail, Mail will ask if you want to apply it to the current messages. If you click the Apply button, Mail will send the entire visible message list through all your Mail rules, including SpamSieve. It’s generally better to click Don’t Apply.

Thank you. That explains it.