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Unexpected Scrolling in Records List

Assume I have two folders, A and B, with “many” records in each. I click on folder A and scroll the Records List to some mid-point. Then I click on folder B. I expect the contents of the B Records List to re-position to the “top”, but instead the scroller is positioned somewhere down into the Records List (perhaps the same percentage into the B-list as it was in the A-list?).

I find the this behavior unexpected and confusing. Should it be fixed? Is it intentional - if so, please help me wrap my mind around the reason.

It’s not intentional; it’s just the default behavior since EagleFiler doesn’t explicitly change the scroll position when you change sources. I agree that it would make sense to scroll to the top or perhaps remember the previous scroll position for that source.

EagleFiler 1.3 will scroll to the top when you change sources.