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"Unread" Skim notes files litter library after 1.5 install

When I installed (from auto-update) 1.5 appeared to import a bunch of files although there were no files to import that I knew of.

Turns out they were Skim notes for my PDFs that are now marked as “unread” and named for the original title of the file (not the title that appears in the EF browser).

When I click on one of these “unread” notes files, the correct PDF opens in Skim, correctly marked up. Equally, when I click on the re-titled PDF in the Skim browser, the PDF opens correctly marked up (good!).

I don’t have any special configuration of EF or Skim that I’m aware of.

Is there’s some way to re-associate the notes files with the PDFs (or at least hide the notes files)? I dont’ recall that they were even visible in 1.4.x

This is due to the Scan for New Files feature. You were slightly breaking the rules before, by saving new files (via Skim) into the library folder without EagleFiler’s knowledge. Now that EagleFiler can auto-detect these files, it will import them.

Going forward I recommend having Skim use .pdfd format. This will keep the notes and the PDF as a single unit in EagleFiler. You may be able to use the PDF to PDF Bundle script to do the conversion. Then you would need to delete the notes file from EagleFiler.