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unresponsive keyboard commands?

With SpamSieve, I would really like to use the Command-Control-S and Command-Control-G keyboard controls to tag appropriate messages (instead of selecting from the menu) but both commands are completely non-responsive.

Any thoughts on why this is so and more importantly: does anyone have a solution to how these can better work?


The keyboard shortcuts should work unless you have some other software that’s intercepting those keys. Which mail program are you using? Do the shortcuts show up in the menu?

Hi. I’m using Apple Mail. The keyboard commands do show up in the menu. I’ll check to see if there are any conflicts, but I haven’t had problems with other commands.

Another option, if you can’t find the source of the conflict, would be to use the Keyboard pane of System Preferences to assign alternate shortcuts.

Yeah…just did that, but didn’t work.


Did the menu display the new keyboard shortcut after the change?

The SpamSieve menu has always shown the keyboard shortcuts. The keyboard commands also show up in the keyboard shortcuts menu, too.

The SpamSieve menu? I thought we were talking about the Message menu in Mail…

What’s the keyboard shortcuts menu?

What did you try changing the shortcuts to?