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unsollicited renewed payments

Hi C-Command team.

Back in nov 6th, 2016, I did buy a 1-user licence for spamsieve.
My understanding was that it was a one time payment.
Nothing in the information you provided let me suspect the payment would be annually renewed.

Call me distracted… today I realized that you charged me 58,50 EUR on dec 19th 2016 and again 58,50 EUR on dec 19th 2017 (today).
Not a nice thing to realize!

On the c-command.com site, I did not find how to contact your commercial team.
I want an explanation and “my money back”.
How do I join a representative ?


Yes, it’s a one-time payment, which you paid via PayPal ($30 on November 6, 2016).

On which bill are you seeing this charge? Where does it say the charge is from?

Neither the date nor the amount matches your SpamSieve order, so my guess is that you purchased something else from FastSpring. You can contact them here.