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since months i get this message each time when i open apple mail

Incompatibele plugins uitgeschakeld
Mail heeft de volgende plugins uitgeschakeld:


Neem contact op met de makers van deze plugins om na te gaan of er versies beschikbaar zijn die compatibel zijn met Mail 6.2 en Message 6.0.

Please can someone direct me to the forum thread, i can seem to find this topic

my questions
has that message something to do with spamsieve?
how can i solve this

thank you

No, this message is related to a different Mail plug-in. You can uninstall the incompatible plug-in by removing it from the Bundles folder:


To open the Library folder under Mac OS X 10.7 Lion or later, click to the Go menu in the Finder, hold down the Option key, and choose Library.

Same Problem

I have the same problem. I sent to the Bundles folder and also the Bundles (Disabled) folder but I saw nothing to delete.

Can you give any further help please?

There are two possible Bundles folders where that plug-in might be located:


The first one is accessible via the Go > Library menu. The second one you can get to by opening the hard drive in the Finder.

Thanks Michael. Found the naughty file in the second location.