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Unwanted Software Update Notifications


My Spamsieve on my main computer (V 2.9.22) started routinely prodding me several times each day about whether I want to
update to the latest BETA version 2.9.23b1… “You are using version 2.9.22. Would you like to download the new version? It includes the following changes…”. Each time I say NO, but it continues to trigger the update feature in Spamsieve. How do I turn this OFF? There is nothing in the prefs to control this. it is quite irritating.


You can just uncheck Check for updates automatically in the Software Update window.

I could do that, but it is not my preference to turn it off. I want to Spamsieve to notify me when there is an update… but for only for full versions, not Beta versions. Also, in all the years I have used Spamsieve, I do not recall seeing alerts for Beta updates. Nor have I seen the update notification process pop up repeatedly each day. Are these changes in the update process?

There have not been any changes to the way updates work. I guess you must have signed up for the public beta from this page. You can also remove yourself from the beta using that page.

That was it. Not sure how that happened, but I unsubscribed and it worked here. Thanks.