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Upgrade to 1.3 Problem

I am having a problem now that I have upgraded to 1.3. I am trying to open my existing libraries and every time I do I get the message in the attached Screencap


After I click, OK, the library fails to load. EagleFiler sits there.

I can create a new Library just fine, but I want to be able to import my old Library.

Any help as to how to get my old library to update properly would be very appreciated.

Do you see a progress bar? Are there any recent error messages in the log?


Well, you could always create a new library and then drag in the “Files” folder of the old library.

The progress bar is behind that window that says it’s trying to upgrade. I just disappears when I am done.

Will doing that also import my tags? That’s the main thing I don’t want to lose, I have a lot of them.

Looks like it was a permissions issue, I gave the file access for everyone and it worked. Then I re-locked the file for everyone but me, and everything is working fine.

Yes, it preserves all the tags, notes, and other metadata.