Upgrade to SpamSieve 3

I appreciate the fact that C-Command has let us know about the upgrade to v3 and the compatibility issues with Sonoma. However, I object to the fact that my version 2 was automatically upgraded without my prior approval. I intend to upgrade to Sonoma, but what if I wasn’t planning to upgrade? There goes my v2 and I have to pay the $19 to upgrade. Pretty sneaky…

The Software Update feature does not have the ability to do automatic updates without approval. It only updates if you click the Download & Install button. We stated at the top of the release notes:

that this was a paid upgrade so that this would be clear, even if you didn’t scroll down to read the rest of the update information. That said, I’ve heard from some other customers who were similarly surprised, and I’m looking at ways to make this clearer in the future. Maybe the button should say Download & Install Paid Upgrade or show an additional confirmation dialog to emphasize that this is different from a regular free update?

SpamSieve 2 is still available for download. To downgrade, one can just quit SpamSieve and replace the new SpamSieve.app file with the old one. It will go back to using the SpamSieve 2 training data, which the update left intact.

Please don’t misunderstand me. I would have upgraded anyway. I really like SpamSieve. I was just surprised. By the way, I did NOT select anything that said “upgrade”. It just did it it by itself.

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Yes, there was no button that said Upgrade. The choices were Cancel, Download, and Download & Install.

It’s not possible to change the code/behavior for the updater in the old version, but I’ve made the text bold and red so that the fact that it’s a paid upgrade is clearer:

Thanks. Can’t be missed now.