Upgraded to SpamSieve 3.0; are there Outlook related AppleScript relics from v2.x?

Running Ventura 13.5.2 on a MacStudio.

I just updated SpamSieve from v2.x to v3.0. It appears to work fine on my user account, using Apple Mail. And it appears to be working fine on my wife’s user account, using Outlook 365 (set up using the large in-box method).

My question is on my wife’s account, there still are a bunch of old scripts and an instance of “Outlook - Filter Mailboxes” still running. Is this all needed or are some of these relics from the 2.x version? See screen grabs below. And if they are all still needed?

Script folders:


Menu bar:
Menu Bar

{edited to label the screen grabs}

These can be deleted if you’re using SpamSieve 3. The script menu bar icon (at the left) is not specific to SpamSieve but can be hidden using the Settings window in the Script Editor app.

Show Script menu in menu bar

Thanks, @Michael_Tsai. And I’m just being overly cautious, but your advice still applies if I’m using v3 with the Outlook “large inbox” method?

Yes, the machinery for large inbox processing is now built into SpamSieve 3. You no longer need the separate helper app.