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URL vs Web archive vs either

Good day, Michael. First, kudos for the app.
Second: I was going to start on the daunting task of re-classifying my bookmark collection. All 3000 of them. I was wondering whether EagleFiler was appropriate.
Now, i have a slow connection at this moment, and even otherwise downloading each of them feels like to much.
Would you consider to import URLs as such, and promote them to web archives on demand? (I guess this could be a preference…)
Thanks a lot,
Marc-Antoine Parent

I’m not planning to support importing bookmarks separately from Web archives. I think it’s useful to have a snapshot of the page, especially to make searching for it easier. Of course, you could temporarily store the bookmarks within EagleFiler, e.g. by dragging them into a rich text document.

Personally, I think the distinction between a bookmark and an archive is important.

Bookmarks: pages that I check regularly, and that are constantly changing.

Archives: a page from the net that I want preserved exactly as I saved it on the day I accessed it. If I click on the URL in an archive I’ve saved, I definitely don’t want it replacing my saved page with the page as it now exists on the web.

Now, this doesn’t mean EF should implement true bookmarking. I personally wouldn’t have any use for it unless it (a) synced with del.icio.us, and (b) could then be opened (through a control-click) in any browser I have installed. Then it would be quite useful. But I’m sure that’s a different beast (though, to be honest, no one has really implemented both those features well and elegantly in all the bookmark apps out there that I’ve tested).

As I see it, the distinction could be important, e.g. if the bookmarks were synced with del.icio.us. But given that EagleFiler doesn’t currently do that, it seems to me that Web archives offer everything that bookmarks do, and more. You can Option-double-click on a Web archive to open the live page in your browser.

One “and more” is the possible overhead of unnecessarily saving content with web archives that you’re using as pseudo-bookmarks.

I kind of see that as a feature since it provides text that you can search on. However, if it bothers you, you could use Convert For Editing and then delete the parts that you don’t want to keep (a few extra steps, granted).

Yep, I realize that. Just wanted to mention there are occasions when that text isn’t needed or even wanted.

I’m basically in agreement with what talazem already wrote so there’s no reason to belabor the issue. I already have enough ways to store/organize/access bookmarks that serve different purposes using at least Safari, WebnoteHappy, and DEVONthink.

What I’d really like is some kind of open multi-platform “IMAP for bookmarks” standard (for lack of another analogy) that could unify them better than any current methods. Most problems doing that seem more political than technical problem to me.

However, if it bothers you, you could use Convert For Editing and then delete the parts that you don’t want to keep (a few extra steps, granted).

Naw, it doesn’t bother me. If it were something I’d do on a regular basis then the ability to AppleScript it would be helpful.

For fun (hmm) I just converted a webarchive of the MacHeist home page and ended up with a black background that I couldn’t figure out how to change. Whoops.

You can change the background color using the font panel.

Ahh, thanks. I’d looked in the Colors panel(?) because I’ve seen a background checkbox there before.

Is there any way to reload a web archive in EF to update its content?

There’s not currently a way to do that in one step, but it’s a feature I’d like to add. You can, however, Option-double-click a Web archive to open its source URL in your browser, then press the capture key to import a fresh Web archive for that page.

You may want to have a look at AllBookmarks by the developer of 1Passwd. I believe they sync with dotmac, but I don’t need this so I haven’t tried.



AllBookmarks isn’t a solution for what I meant by “IMAP for bookmarks” but thanks for mentioning it anyway.

EagleFiler 1.4 adds an option to import Web pages as bookmarks instead of Web archives.

Thanks for adding this and mentioning it here even though I’m not using EagleFiler. I always appreciate closure regardless of how long it takes. :slight_smile:

I’ve been impressed with your thorough issue tracking and resolution on this forum, which could serve as a productive example to others using forums as a support resource.