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Use on two machines?

This might be a very ignorant question and I apologize if so. I just downloaded SpamSieve on my MacBook Pro, watched the setup video and installed it. It seems to work fine on the laptop. I also have an iMac desktop which I use most of the time. My question is: How do I get the program to function on this machine (the iMac)? My iMac mail shows the spam message box, but no provision to train for good or spam. Will all messages be labeled good or spam just using the laptop? Any help is appreciated.


There is more information about this here. Currently, you have it set up so that both Macs will see the filtering but the filtering and training is only done on the MacBook Pro. You could optionally set up an extra rule/script so that you can train the laptop from the iMac. Or you could install another copy of SpamSieve on the iMac.

Thanks very much Michael. I will check out the link!