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Use SpamSieve with Sanebox?

Have been using SpamSieve on my Mac without problem. However, just installed Sanebox, and now having a problem- Sanebox pulls out all of the low priority emails (including junk) and puts them into a “SaneLater” file. This appears to happen first, so Spamsieve is not catching much (so the SaneLater box is filled up with Spam that used to be dropped into the Spam file). Is there a way to get SpamSieve primacy in this? I would like for SpamSieve to filter all of the Spam first, then let Sanebox prioritize my inbox. Thanks!

Please see the Apple Mail - SaneBox script.

Thanks! But a problem…
Thanks for your prompt response. I apologize- I had searched the forum first but I must have mistyped, because I didn’t find the earlier thread. And this Applescript sounds like it will accomplish exactly what is needed. However, I am having a problem when I get to the following point:
(“The actions should say:
Run AppleScript …]apple-mail-sanebox.scpt
After choosing Run AppleScript from the pop-up menu, select the apple-mail-sanebox.scpt file (using either the pop-up menu or the Choose… button).”)

At that point on the rules dialog box I don’t have the script listed in the dialog box, and I don’t have a "choose"option (I do have a search option, but that just finds the script in the download folder). I haven’t typically utilized Applescript rules- so probably something very elemental.

Thanks in advance

Which version of Mac OS X do you have? I recommend putting the script file at the Install Location (the first folder if you have 10.8–10.9, otherwise the second folder). Are you then able to select the script file from the rule sheet?