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useable solution for Exchange on Mac?

The mail server is exchange and I set up many server side rules for sorting emails. With outlook, I have to manually select emails and tell SpamSieve to move if spam. In airmail, it does not move emails at all (training works). I guess it only checks inbox in airmail? I have server side rule to move emails into folder other than inbox.

If you complete the Outlook setup it will automatically filter the messages in the inbox. Airmail also automatically filters the inbox. It’s best to write server rules such that they don’t move spam messages out of the inbox. However, if you use Apple Mail there is a script to make SpamSieve filter other mailboxes as well.

For Outlook 2016 manual is the only option?

Server side rules are not to move spam, but to sort mails into different boxes. I would like a spam filtering solution that checks spam in all mailboxes. Apple Mail is way too limited for my use case (thousands of emails, tens of folders).

All the mail clients can automatically filter the inbox. Apple Mail and Outlook 14.x are currently the only ones that can automatically filter other mailboxes.

With Apple Mail does it work with exchange server side rules? I have many server side rules to sort emails and only need spamsieve to run on one mailbox (not default inbox) after server-side sorting.

Apple Mail rules only run on the inbox, but there is a script to run SpamSieve on other mailboxes.

This can now be done automatically with Outlook. See “Filtering Other Folders” in the Setting Up Outlook 365 section of the manual.