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Using a DVCS

Hi, I just started to use EagleFiler and one of the reasons for choosing it is the fact that it plays well with file sync software.

The possibility of syncing libraries across different macs is essential to me, and right now I use Unison to keep the filesystems in sync. Unfortunately my experience tells me that sooner or later I will forget EF running on the wrong mac. In particular, the scenario is that all the changes written on the file system will be synced and the EF left running will be idle until I get back to that mac; so nothing else will be modified in that running instance. Is there anything concerning the file structure (notes, etc) that will be written on the disk only when a library is being closed (so bound to be lost)?

To minimise the risk of data loss due to a merge I was planning to use a DVCS like Git to track consistent states of the libraries. To do this I’d need to run a script right before a library is going to be opened and right after it’s closed. Is there a way of doing this?


No, EagleFiler generally saves changes to disk within a few seconds of your making them.

There’s currently no feature like that, although it sounds like a good idea for a future version.