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Using both Evernote and EagleFiler

Why does it have to be one or the other?

I use both. EagleFiler is a much better Finder than the Finder is with EagleFiler’s three pane interface; wonderful for storing emails (I think that was its original function) and things I need but don’t need now. I’ve spent a long time curating what I have in EagleFiler, and I’m not going to leave.

Evernote is much better for display and use on the phone and iPad and I can capture things when I’m on the road, like receipts and client information. I use Evernote for access to a subset of information I need when I’m on the road. I’ve got EagleFiler’s Files folder saved on OneDrive and aliased back to the Library folder (works like a treat!), but it’s harder to access information on the phone from there.

When I get information on a client for a period of time in Evernote, I save it to a folder in EagleFiler.

Hot (Evernote) and Cold (EagleFiler) storage. Can’t live without either.

I use both also. I am using EF for my recipes and home ideas, etc. The bulk of my Evernote usage is for my genealogy records that I am collecting. I decided to use EF for some of the “least complicated” files, like recipes but I have SO many documents on Evernote that I just couldn’t possibly transfer all of them to EF without major issues. Works for me!

I’m glad to hear that the combination works for you. However, I’d certainly like for people who want to migrate their documents to be able to do so. So please let me know (here or privately) if you run into any issues with the ENEX importer.

I just tried the ENEX Importer (truthfully I forgot about this option) but the file is in the rtfd format which I can’t read on my iPhone. I admit that I am still learning the ins and outs of EF. I do like it though and I appreciate your support, Michael.

There are several apps, including the built-in Files app, that can read RTFD files. Is there another format you’d prefer?

You are right, Michael, it does work. I have to remember to use Files more often so that I can really learn to use it. Thank you for being so responsive and helpful. You are doing a great job!