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Using EagleFiler to Move Outlook 2011 to Mac Mail?

I have tried to figure this out but having issues. Does anyone know how to move saved (locally) email from Outlook 2011 back to MacMail?

I made the mistake of importing all of my mail into this application and now realize I do not want it here anymore. I want to go back to Mac Mail and it is seemingly impossible with the new version of office for the mac. Can anyone help me with this.

I would love to keep the folder structure. However, if I have to do that manually I will if I am able to group export individual folder contents out.

Thanks for any help with this.

To move e-mail from Outlook 2011 to Apple Mail:

  1. Create a new library in EagleFiler.
  2. Select some messages in Outlook via Edit > Select All. You can either do one folder at a time or use a smart folder to select from multiple folders at once. In this case, EagleFiler will preserve the name of the folder that each message came from, although you will have to re-establish the hierarchy of the folders later.
  3. Press the capture key to import the messages into EagleFiler. It will create one mbox file for each folder.
  4. In Apple Mail, choose File > Import Mailboxes…. Select “Files in mbox format” and then click Continue. Then Choose the “Files” folder for your EagleFiler library.