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Using Hogbay's Writeroom in RTF

I’ve been playing with Hogbay’s excellent WriteRoom app, which has, to wit, “a system wide plugin which places an ‘Edit in WriteRoom’ menu item in the menu of other applications.”

WriteRoom is a very nice, fast, scalable full-screen editor that allows one to concentrate on the writing w/o distractions.

Just passing this along in case anyone else finds it useful.

WriteRoom PS
D’OH! I forgot to mention the point: WriteRoom can be invoked from TextEdit when creating/editing an RTF in EF. Would be nice if the ‘Edit in WriteRoom’ option were available directly from the EF edit menu when the document is highlighted (it’s grayed out)-- though maybe I’m just doing something wrong. Anyway, when TE comes up you can jump to WR.

EagleFiler uses the standard NSTextView, so it seems like “Edit in WriteRoom” should work. I’ll contact Jesse and see if there’s anything else either of us needs to do to make it work with EagleFiler.

Jesse responded:

I just tried it out and it seems to work OK. I think the problem may have been that the text view didn’t have focus when they went to the menu item. If the text view has focus it should work I think.