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Using Hook With EagleFiler

Luc Beaudoin writes:

We recently updated Hook integration scripts to work even better with EagleFiler.


Hook and EagleFiler solve different but tightly related and very important information management problems. (See wikipedia pages on Personal information management and Information retrieval.) They both can improve cognitive productivity. Using them together compounds their benefits.


I’ve also written the following blog post: Organize, Search, and Archive Key Information with EagleFiler, Including Hook-Linked Files! – Hook with some tips on using EagleFiler and Hook together.

When one gets into the habit of using Link to New to add new linked notes (any file can be a note), one can start generating a lot of notes. I’ve set an EagleFiler library to be the default repository for my Hook created notes, and I’ve moved a bunch of notes into the library too.

Hook doesn’t have its own files, it links content. (Well, Hook can generate .hook files, which are plain text replacements for aliases and .webloc files).

Comments welcome. (I’m the Hook product designer).