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Using IMAP "Junk" folder for spam


I’m using SpamSieve with Apple’s Mail software, to check an IMAP account. I wonder if it’s possible to configure SpamSieve to use a folder on the IMAP server as a spam folder (e.g. the old “Junk” folder) instead of the “Spam” folder on my computer.


  • escargot

If you want to use Mail’s special combined Junk mailbox, please follow the instructions here. Or, you can simply choose a folder on your IMAP server. There is a separate preference for controlling where manually trained spam messages go.

I’m having a problem that seems to fit in this discussion. I have two accounts (both IMAP) configured with Apple Mail. The spam folder is an folder on Account A. When I mark false negatives in the spam folder, it moves the mail back to the inbox of Account B only. The rest of it stays in the spam folder. What am I doing wrong?

Does it work if you change the SpamSieve rule to use a local spam folder instead of one on your server? Which version of the OS are you using? My guess is that you’re running into a limitation of Mail, but if you contact me at spamsieve@c-command.com we might be able to find a workaround.

The changes to work around this problem (which I think is due to a bug in Mail) will ship as part of the next release of SpamSieve.