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Using iOS (13) to access EF libraries-newbie needs help...

Hi-I am working on transferring my notes from Evernote to EF and would like to access the different libraries I have set up on my Mac on my iPhone XS. I downloaded Readdle Documents but I can’t figure out how to sync the files between EF and Documents. I made a change on my Mac to one of the notes that I have in Documents and the change hasn’t shown up.

I selected Connect to Computer and I get a code to put in on my Mac. I put it in, look for the note I changed and it hasn’t changed.

Is there a better way to do this rather than Documents? Or is Documents the best? I saw that you also recommended Files but I can’t figure out how to set that up.

I also noticed that iCloud is not one of the services listed in Documents…

Thanks for all your help, I really do appreciate it. Judy

There are many different ways of getting files into Readdle Documents. I think if you use Connect to Mac it will copy the files that you select to the iPhone, but it doesn’t automatically update them when you change them on the Mac.

But there is also 2-way sync with various services like Dropbox. Then it should pick up the changes automatically.

I think Documents is good, but there isn’t one app that is the best at everything. So it depends on what you need to do and/or do most frequently.

You would just put your EagleFiler library in iCloud Drive, and then it will show up in the iOS Files app.

I’m pretty sure I’ve used iCloud Drive with Documents. Does this help page help?

Still working on setting up Dropbox… Readdle Documents…
Ok. I am having a few issues getting a way to put my EF files online so that I can view them from my phone. I am running Catalina on my Mac and iOS 13 on my iPhone.

First, Dropbox is not syncing-if I make a change in EF on my desktop the change isn’t showing up in Dropbox. Also, the file I have on Dropbox is called Files-eventually I want to put more of my EF libraries on Dropbox and have their names be the ones I have in EF-so the test one I am doing now should be called Recipes but it’s called Files. How do I change this? And it seems as if there isn’t a 2 way sync with Dropbox-is there a setting I need to change/setup?

Secondly, I set up Readdle Documents to access iCloud but the changes aren’t syncing there either and the recipes I have that have a file extension of rtfd can’t be read-that is really not a huge issue because I can resave them as PDF. But it’s another step I have to do.

I am sure that these issues are all user error-I’m obviously missing a step or two somewhere.

I apologize for being such a pest about this… I appreciate the help you have given me… Well, again, I apologize for being a pain, Judy

If the changed files on your Mac are not getting uploaded to Dropbox, that sounds like a question for Dropbox.

Each EagleFiler library has a Files folder within the library folder. Normally, you would put the entire library folder in Dropbox/iCloud and then each library would automatically have a different name. Did you move the Files folder away or create a link to it?

I’m not sure what you mean here. Dropbox should be 2-way syncing automatically. Are you referring to Mac or iOS?

Can you use the Files app to see whether the changes are getting from your Mac to iCloud? That would help narrow down whether this is a Mac-syncing issue or a Readdle Documents issue.

Readdle Documents doesn’t support the RTFD format, but Apple’s Files app does.

I think all is well now. Thank you! Judy