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Using Mail.app on 2 different machines

My primary computer for work is a MacBook Pro running Mail. I also have an iMac where I work and run Mail on that machine as well. (I like the bigger screen when I’m in Photoshop.) Is there a way to keep the two in sync if SpamSieve is only installed on the MBP? What I found was that identifying something as “Safe” on my MBP still sent it to Junk on the other computer. As an example, can the database for Spamsieve be located on Dropbox?

Many thanks for this great product!

It’s not clear me what you want to sync if you only want SpamSieve to run on the MacBook Pro. Are you saying that you have SpamSieve on one Mac and use Mail’s junk mail filter on the other? Do you usually run Mail on both Macs simultaneously?

Sorry if I wasn’t clear. I only have SpamSieve installed on one machine, my MBP. If I want to keep that machine as well as my iMac in sync, what do I need to do? Does what I’m looking for require a copy of SpamSieve to be running on each machine? If that’s true, how do I keep the database in sync between the two?


Well, you haven’t said what you want to be in sync. Are you using an IMAP account? If so, the mailboxes will automatically sync, and spam that SpamSieve catches on the MacBook Pro will also disappear from the iMac’s inbox.

Do you usually run Mail on both Macs simultaneously? Do you need the iMac to be able to filter out spam if the MacBook Pro isn’t running?

I often do run both the MBP and iMac simultaneously, but rarely if ever run the iMac without the MBP running.

My e-mail accounts are either IMAP or MobileMe. Remember, my first post was that I saw mail I marked as safe on the MBP being moved to the junk folder on the iMac, which is what prompted my question in the first place. Do I simply need to turn off the junk filter in Preferences on the iMac to keep both machines in sync?

Yeah, it sounds like the easiest solution would be to run SpamSieve on the MacBook Pro and turn off Mail’s junk mail filter on the iMac.

Thanks, Michael. Will do. BTW, just purchased a single license of the software. Thanks for the very timely support!