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Using Pandoc to create an RTF version

I’ve started using markdown in plain text documents, and I’m thinking about trying to use pandoc to create an rtf version. My initial idea was to use Hazel to watch a folder within my Eaglefiler library and then run pandoc when I drop a record onto that folder. I wouldn’t be changing the original file, just adding a new record in rtf format and then asking EagleFiler to scan for new items in the Files folder. Just wondering, is there a better approach that I should look into first?

I think that would work, but what happens when you modify the text file? Would you want the RTF to be regenerated? It might be nice to write a script (for the system scripts menu or FastScripts) that regenerates the .rtf file for the selected .txt file.

I’ll give that a shot. Thank you for the suggestion.