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Using regular Apple Mail Spambox

I have started again to use Spamsieve since the amount is rising.

From my past use I know there is a way to get Spamsieve to drop the detecteer spam into the regular spambox that Apple creaties as a spambox. So then it is located in the Postboxes section and no longer in the “On my Mac” boxes.

However I cannot retriever the message how that should be done. So if anyone can post it then I am thankfull.

Please see the Automatically Deleting Old Spam Messages page.


Did all the actions and it works.

However, I find it very weird that mail still pops up in the old Spam box (the one defined earlier in My Mac …). I have enclosed screenprints of all relevant settings.




Did you forget this part:

Finally, choose SpamSieve - Change Settings from Mail’s Message menu and, when prompted, say that the name of your spam mailbox is Junk.