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Using SpamSieve with multiple accounts

I’ve been experimenting with using SpamSieve with multiple IMAP accounts in Mail.app, but I’ve come across a problem. Whenever I use the “Train as Spam” feature, it drops the mail into the “Junk” folder of my first account. I would prefer it if the junk from each account was deposited into the “Junk” folder for each account.

The way I set it up was to use multiple “SpamSieve” rules with two matches each, one for “all messages in this specific account”, and the standard “move to Junk folder”. This works correctly when initially processing the mail, and junk mail from each account gets put into the correct mailbox, but it doesn’t work when using the menu items, “Train as Spam” or “Train as Good”. When I use these commands, the mail gets moved to my first account’s “Junk” or “Inbox”.

While this isn’t really a big problem for “Train as Spam”, other than wasted bandwidth copying to a different server, it’s more of a problem with “Train as Good”, since good messages are being moved to a different account’s server.

The underlying problem is that Mail is usually unable to tell SpamSieve which account a message came from. Sometimes SpamSieve is able to guess the inbox, based on the recipients of the message and the addresses of your accounts. I’m looking for ways to improve this. It always moves the spam to the Spam mailbox in “On My Mac.”

Can the spamsieve rule be used?
I would think that the appropriate place to put a trained message would be the same place that the spamsieve rule puts it. I have all my spam messages put into the ‘spam’ folder on my IMAP account, using that rule. It would be nice if SS could detect that folder, and put the trained messages in the same place. That would certainly cover most situations, I’d think…

It’s not able to read the mailbox set in the SpamSieve rule. (Plus, there may be more than one spam mailbox and more than one rule, and as I said it usually doesn’t know which account the message came from.) The default behavior is to use a local mailbox for trained spam, the idea being that you don’t want to fill up your server with messages that are definitely spam or copy spam messages from one server to another. However, you can change the name of the spam mailbox and whether it’s local or on the server using the Change Settings command.


I’m having the same problem, but coincidentally, only since I updated to OS 10.6.4.

Before that, Train Spam would correctly put the trained Spam into the respective user’s Spam folder.

Since 10.6.4, it all goes into the first user’s Spam folder.

I wonder what has changed, and what broke it.

I think you must be mistaken, because the code was never designed to move trained spams to per-account Spam mailboxes. That said, I’ll look into whether there’s a way to do this in a future version.