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Using SS on a new machine

I am a registered user and have SS installed on my iMac. I am about to travel and want to install it on my MacBook. So (if you please)…

  1. I know how to transfer the learning from the iMac to the MacBook and will do that right before I switch over.
  2. Can I just install SS on the MacBook, turn it off on the iMac and be in business?
    Anything else I need to be aware of? Thanks very much.

Yes, just make sure that you’re only running it on one Mac at a time. That will ensure that if it makes any mistakes you’ll be able to correct them on the proper Mac, thus keeping the accuracy high.

Thank you.

And by one Mac at a time, I assume you mean that SS can be closed or Apple Mail not open, correct? Thanks for the patience. Neil

I mean that Apple Mail should not be open (or, at least, set to offline mode). Closing just SpamSieve is not enough because Mail will launch it if it connects and receives new mail.