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v2.9.13 - Train as spam has completely stopped working

I have used SpamSieve for years with zero problems (well done Michael Tsai!) but yesterday I installed 2.9.13 and now SS’s ‘Train as Spam’ has completely stopped working. Not only that, but Mail/SpamSieve hangs (beach ball) on attempting to Train as Spam and remains hung for at least 45 seconds. This happens whether selecting Train as Spam from within the message window or with message selected in mailbox list.

System: MacBook Pro running Mavericks 10.9.1, with Apple Mail Version 7.1 (1827)


If you open the log, does it show those messages as “Trained: Spam (Manual)”?

Also, please record a sample report of Mail during the hang and submit it via e-mail.

The “Train as Spam” command always operates on the selected messages in the list, so the results if you have a message window frontmost are unpredictable.

I have responded with screenshot and SpamSieve log by email.

More seriously, I’ve just discovered that the same effect (but in reverse) happens when I attempt Train as Good on messages in the Spam mailbox.


It looks like SpamSieve is completely idle. If the problem is still occurring, please record a couple samples of Mail while it’s stuck.

I’m glad to hear that the training commands in Mail are now working for you.