V3 Update - Do I have 2 versions of SpamSieve Running?!


Just upgraded to SpamSieve v3 as instructed.

After installation, reboot etc., I have a new dock and menubar icon, but still have my old dock and menubar icons as well. Does this mean I’m running two versions of SpamSieve?

Both seem to be working and performance in Outlooks seems ok, but would like to get a single clean installation if possible, ideally without all the rule setups etc. What’s the best way of paring things back to just the v3 installation?

Many thanks for any help,


Possibly. If you use the automatic updater, SpamSieve will replace the old version with the new one. If you install the file manually, it’s possible that you could end up with more than one copy. Please check your Applications folder and make sure that you have only one copy of SpamSieve installed, as described here. It needs to be in the Application folder.

You can also Command-click on a SpamSieve icon in the Dock. This will reveal the location of the SpamSieve.app file in the Finder so that you can see where the old version is and delete it (after quitting SpamSieve).

First, quit the Outlook Filter Mailboxes app and drag it to the trash. Then you would go to Settings ‣ Outlook ‣ Setup, enable filtering there, and follow the Setting Up instructions. The Outlook rules are still needed if you have lots of messages in your inbox. Otherwise, you could delete them and use the simpler Enable spam filtering for Inbox setup.

Thanks so much for your help Michael.

My applications folder only shows one version of SpamSieve.

My Dock looks like this:

A screenshot of a computer

My menu bar looks like this (note the two different SpamSieve icons – new and old):


Both icons seem to give me access to the same spamsieve functions (train as spam etc). IS this normal behaviour – perhaps it is? Just wasn’t sure why I now have both old and new icons in these two locations.

Thanks again for your help,


The one at the left is not SpamSieve. It’s an AppleScript app, probably the old Outlook Filter Mailboxes helper app that was used by SpamSieve 2. You can quit it and then drag it to the trash (if that is in fact its name).

The icon on the right is the AppleScript menu. It can be hidden using the Settings window in the Script Editor app.

Show Script menu in menu bar

Awesome – that did the trick Michael.

Many thanks!