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Verify integrity of EagleFiler Library from CLI


is it possible to verify the integrity of EagleFiler archives, say, from a bash script?
Reason: I do nightly backups of my Documents folder to tarsnap. I’d love to check for integrity first before uploading possibly corrupted data.


Currently, the Verify command is not scriptable. I do plan to add AppleScript support for this, and I would eventually like to offer a way to verify libraries without opening them in the EagleFiler app.

As to your current problem, the expected MD5 checksums are available in the “.EagleFiler Metadata.plist” file in each folder, so in theory you could write a script that extracts these and compares them with the output of the “md5” tool. However, “md5” doesn’t work on package documents (e.g. .rtfd), so currently it would only be easy to verify the checksums of flat files.