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Verizon Spam

I have the same problem in that the Verizon spam filtering is horrible. Of course because my two email accounts are both @verizon.net addresses, I my mail goes to both Apple Mail and Verizon inboxes. Spamsieve is working very well with my Apple Mail but spam keeps accumulating in my Verizon inboxes. I only go to Verizon to clear its inbox or to get mail if I am traveling. Is there any way to use Spamsieve to block this spam so that it won’t accumulate?

Do you mean that you see the spam when you view your Verizon account via Webmail?

Do you have Apple Mail connecting to your Verizon account via POP, IMAP, or Exchange?

Yes I do see spam on mail.verizon.mail/webmail…and lots of it because Verizon’s mail blocking is so bad.

My Verizon accounts are POP.

Unfortunately, if the accounts are POP, Mail and SpamSieve will only be able to filter the messages on the Mac.