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version 1.2 enhancements

Excellent job with the new version. At 1700 files in my largest library (mostly large pdfs) I was beginning to notice lags, but they are now gone. Furthermore, with the ability to drag and drop between libraries, it will be easier to compartmentalize topics if I ever need to.

General comment to anyone thinking of switching to EagleFiler: do it. Compared with alternative managers of unstructured files, EF handles more data types, well beyond PDF and web pages. It stores all files using the native Mac file structure, so other programs can work with them transparently. (That is, you can still access your files without going through EF.) This is also safer with respect to multi-year storage. I don’t know about robustness of other applications, but EF seems very robust, and has never lost a spec of my data. The developer responds to questions/problems within hours, on average.

Finally, EF seems to scale well, with techniques like nested folders, keywords, and very fast searches. In contrast, I can’t imagine how some of the other apps will work after a year of daily use - once you get past 200 records or so, flat folders just don’t cut it anymore.

Academics: I used to put everything I read into EndNote. I barely touch EndNote now; instead I just download the actual documents into EagleFiler. (A bibliography program is still necessary for citation formatting, of course.)

Made a variety of changes to improve EagleFiler’s speed and responsiveness, especially for libraries with many files.
You can now copy from one library to another via drag and drop. All of the EagleFiler metadata will be preserved.