Version 1.8.12 open recent list empty

Just upgraded to 1.8.12 and noticed that the File, Open, Recent List is now empty. I have multiple libraries so I had to locate them and open them via Finder. Even after opening several libraries the Recent List was still empty.

Which version of macOS are you using? The recent list is managed by macOS, so EagleFiler has no control over it.

  • If you go to System Preferences ‣ General, there is a Recent items setting that lets you control whether macOS remembers recent documents. If it’s set to None, the menu will behave as you described.

  • It may also help to use the Clear Menu command.

  • Sometimes the Mac needs to be restarted if there’s a problem with the sharedfilelistd background process that manages the recent list.

This page may also help.

Hi Michael

Thanks for the prompt and detailed reply.

The system restart fixed the problem so all good now.